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Tiny Hummus: "Abu Ghosh" in Sivtsevo Vrazhek

The tiny building in the courtyard of house 42 in the side street belongs to the Lopatins estate, this is a former garden pavilion that has long stood in an abandoned state. The building is considered a monument of neoclassicism, it was in this small house that young Yesenin first read his poems, and now a small Middle Eastern cafe "Abu Ghosh" has settled here.


Alena Vinokurova

Mood: Tel Aviv

"Abu Ghosh" is really very small and cramped in a good way - the restaurant took up only 22 square meters. The space was designed by the young architectural studio Studio SHOO. The small area of ​​the room challenged the team: to fit in such a meter and kitchen, and seating is not easy.

The open kitchen occupies almost half of the cafe, on the remaining meters there is a common table and several high tables with soft pillows by the windows. Abu Ghosh immediately resembles Tel Aviv cafes somewhere in Jaffa: painted white brick walls, on them are pink inscriptions in Hebrew and Arabic, a yellow door to the restroom, pink chairs and wardrobes and tile with an oval pattern.

Furniture for Abu Ghosh was made to order, tiles were brought from St. Petersburg, where it was painted by hand, an old fountain painted in green was brought from Rome - it works, and you can fill a glass with drinking water from it.
The dishes in the cafe are also all handmade and painted by the artist Nastya Vishnevskaya.
At Abu Ghosh, everything is concentrated around details, from utensils to yellow fiber-reinforced concrete vases on tables that seem to be very slight, but very precisely set the right color accents.
In a word, how the city lacks such simple, but bright and smart interiors.

Middle east and no espresso

The cuisine of Abu Ghosh is led by Basem Zain, who previously worked in the restaurants Mr. Lebanese and Laffa Laffa. The menu for a cafe of this size is very large. Firstly, several types of hummus are cooked here, they can be ordered both separately and in small assortments. Classic hummus is as good as ever, and although you can always argue how it should really be, in Abu Ghosh they make it soft, whipped in a creamy paste and served with hot thin pita. The menu has a dozen types of hummus from classic to hummus with avocado, beetroot or even mango.

Then, of course, salads Fattush, tabule and shanglish. Appetizers include falafel, guinea-levana (cottage cheese with zaatar), pickles, olives, stuffed eggplant and sweet potato harrah, as well as two types of shakshuka and three types of hearty pita with vegetables, chicken or meat. The menu also has two kinds of luffa, Arabic pies with different fillings and a very serious dessert menu, where you can find an unusually decent knafe.

Water in the Abu Ghosh is free, and this adds another point to the top: it is strange that this practice in Moscow restaurants has not yet become widespread. Take coffee for desserts, it is prepared here only orientally with cardamom or in the Israeli manner with milk and spices, so there is no need to search for espresso. Just like in Tel Aviv.

Abu Ghosh

ADDRESS:trans. Sivtsev Vrazhek, 42, p. 5


AVERAGE CHECK: 800 rubles


Island of joy

The mood in Abu Ghosh rises as soon as you cross the threshold of a cafe. A beautiful, bright and colorful interior pleases with its originality against the background of dozens of identical Moscow restaurants, simple tasty Middle Eastern food, a dog friendly cafe position and an average check of 800 rubles - what else is needed for happiness? Warmth and summer terrace (already working on the latter in Abu Ghosh).

Hummus Abu Ghosh - 520 rublesLaffa with zaatar and fresh vegetables - 320 rublesBaklava - 250 rublesSambusiki with cheese - 320 rublesFalafel - 320 rubles

Excerpts from the menu:

Classic hummus - 190 rubles

Falafel - 320 rubles

Shakshuka -250 rubles

Laffa with meat - 420 rubles

Knafe - 350 rubles

Batata Harrah - 250 rubles

Watch the video: THE BEST OIL FREE HUMMUS IN THE WORLD (January 2020).

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