"My bad habit number one is yesterday's Olivier. Or a cold homemade patty"

In Moscow you can find a restaurant for every taste and budget. Here, on one side of the street, McDonald's and the cheburechny USSR are adjoining safely, and a little further away, literally on the opposite side of Tversky Boulevard, is the Turandot Restaurant and Pushkin Cafe with a reputation as one of the city’s most expensive establishments. For some reason, it seems impossible for chefs of such places to succumb to temptation, look behind the wings in KFC or make night raids on the refrigerator, but is this really so?

The editors of Life around asked the chefs of several expensive and very expensive restaurants to advise tasty and cheap places in Moscow, and also learned about reprehensible eating habits of those who, for example, happen to cook olivier for guests for 1,500 rubles.

Vladimir Mukhin

White Rabbit chef, White Rabbit Family brand chef

Cooks are not great specialists in finding cheap establishments. To do this, they simply do not have free time. But we know the best places to eat in almost any market. I used to have a favorite dumpling in the Dorogomilovsky market. Then they rebuilt Danilovsky, and I tried the pies in the Dagestan Shop. But there are places that almost no one knows about: for example, when we built the Zodiac, I became a regular in the Chinese market in Lublin and found a cafe there, where they cook, probably the best nemas in Moscow - with the whole set of vegetables laid out for the nams, they are cosmic delicious. And every time I come to Food City, I eat shawarma there. The cafe, which cooks the right Turkish shawarma with the addition of fat tail, is located near the docks with seasonal products.

At night, when I get home, I eat everything that is in the refrigerator. But most of all I love mother-in-law pickles. I can eat them without everything - just a cucumber with a cucumber. But the best option is with a homemade patty found in the refrigerator, right cold. I'll tell you a secret, cooks never warm food at home. Especially if we are alone at night with a refrigerator.

Bubker belhit

Brand Chef Sumosan, BUBA by Sumosan

My main bad habit of eating is sweet. I don’t like to cook desserts at all, but tasting or just eating them is a completely different matter. At Sumosan I constantly order the "anthill", which we prepare according to the recipe of the mother of Alexander Volkov (founder of Sumosan. - approx. ed.). At night, I can pounce on chocolate intended for children, or on vanilla puddings, which my wife Luda gives them with them to school. Often in the morning from her you can hear the question: "Where did all the sweet things in the house go?" - and here I stand, plus two pounds and with a pleased smile. Since my profession involves endless tastings, I have to control myself and restrict in food to be in shape.

I don’t know if it’s a bad habit to take a glass of wine or another at the end of the working day, but in Moscow I can drink a glass of vodka. Alcohol is delicious, but from time to time I arrange a post and exclude it from my diet. This is not because I am afraid of dependence, but because you are getting fatter from it, like from a bun.

Still, for example, seeds - who invented this at all? I’m coming to Moscow and I can’t stop: approximately every time I say to myself “everything, this is the last” - and continue on. Harmful to the teeth, and high-calorie, again. Of course, I don’t eat at work, but I love it at home.

Marshmallow in chocolate "Sharmel" - I can eat a pack at a time, I especially like those that are small in size.

In Moscow, I have many favorite places. For example, Pinch - I like to have breakfast there, they always have a pleasant audience in the institutions. China Garden - I go there for sour-spicy soup and Peking duck. Crabs Are Coming - I immediately order two bans with crab and kimchi flat cakes, and after that you can smoothly move downstairs to Drink Your Seoul. I love pho soup at the Danilovsky market. But the opening of this summer for me was the place of Max's Beef For Money. From very cheap - sometimes I go to McDonald's, I really love Meat Point. I also visit a Georgian cafe on Leninsky Prospekt - it’s called "Southern". And before, when I was a student, I often walked couples in the professorial canteen of Moscow State University, the one in the Main Building - it was so delicious there. I was just lucky: my friend worked at the Faculty of Geography.

Alexander Proshenkov

Chef at Saxone + Parole

Of those places that may be interesting and familiar to many, I can advise the Asian market in Lublin. True, you don’t always want to go there. But if you go, then for the experience and authentic atmosphere. Even when you just walk past this market, it seems that you are not in Moscow, but somewhere in Vietnam. Plus there is where to eat real Asian food. In addition, you can find products that in Moscow are few where you can find in principle.

There is also a shopping center "Dubrovka" at the metro station of the same name, where there are a lot of all kinds of eateries - both Caucasian and Central Asian. For example, they have stunning pilaf there and a good kebab - very correct just because they make it mostly for themselves. Among other places - everyone probably knows Meat Point, and this is the best place where you can eat a kuft in the city center for 200 rubles. I also like noodle doodles at Pokrovsky Gates.

Of course, I love Danilovsky Market. In Danilovsky you can eat the same soup. And sometimes I eat khachapuri there. At least there is plenty to choose from - you definitely won’t stay hungry.

In general, work takes me about 90% of the time, and in my free hours, which sometimes fall out, I am completely omnivorous - I can eat shawarma in Moscow to suit my mood. But here, again, it’s easier to get a piece of meat and fry it yourself.

Andrey Makhov

chef of the restaurant "Pushkin"

As for the places - for the most part I go to restaurants on duty, not at the call of my heart. For example, near my house in the old Olympic village a beer bar recently opened on three square meters, I have been there a couple of times. Sometimes I go when invited, to such bars where there is practically no food, but there are a lot of cocktails - there are so many of them in the city center that I don’t even remember the names. In addition, I go to the cottage along the Minsk highway, and there is a very good eatery “Donut Pancakes” on the 94th kilometer. A good area with parking, they have a very nice interior - cultural tables, girls are standing at the counter, serving drinks and donuts with pancakes. A place with a slightly provincial, but very warm atmosphere.

As for bad habits, my bad habit number one is yesterday's Olivier. Or, of course, a cold homemade patty. It is especially good to take such a cold cutlet and make the wrong, so to speak, harmful sandwich with it. I smear something with a white bun, put a tomato, salad, pickle, cutlet on top and eat it.

It also happens if you look in the refrigerator, the hand itself reaches for something - for example, a raw quail egg. Recently, I haven’t translated fresh quail eggs in the refrigerator - there’s a benefit for bona fide farmers. So I easily eat three to five testicles at a time. From the long past, it often happened to pull a cold sausage from a pack, dip it in mustard and eat it.

From sweet - sometimes you want a piece of chocolate or halva. In principle, often and with pleasure I open my secret box and take a handful of nuts from there - there are walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts. Sometimes I find ice cream in the freezer - no matter what.

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