Conference Guide "Food in the City"

On July 11 and 12, the Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design will host the first annual conference “Food in the City”, in which international and Russian experts will discuss the role of food as an element of the urban environment and a system-forming factor in the impact on life in the city. Life around publishes a detailed conference program.

The curators of the forum are a British architect and writer Carolyn Steele and former publisher of Afisha-Food magazine and curator of the Moscow Omnivore festivalElena Wolzinger

Among the speakers:

Peter Karl

Architect, professor at London Metropolitan University

Kirill Kobrin

Writer, historian, journalist, editor of the Moscow magazine "Safe Reserve", author and co-author of 14 books

Ville Relander

The ideologist of the strategy for the development of food culture in Helsinki (Helsinki Foodism)

Wayne Roberts

Toronto Food Policy Council Leader 2000–2010, Specialist on the Impact of Food on Health and Urban Development

Trine Hanneman

Culinary activist
and TV presenter
from Denmark

Pere Javier Sirvent World

Head of the Spanish Market Development Program

Alexander Ivanov

Deputy Head of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow

Boris Akimov

Ideologist of the LavkaLavka farming project

Natalya Bagaeva

Specialist in vertical gardening technologies, organizer of the community "Vertical gardens and drugstores"

Alexey Zimin

Editor-in-chief of Afisha-Food magazine

Ivan Mitin

Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Cultural
and humanitarian geography "

Maxim Popov

Director of Danilovsky Market

Yuri Rogachev

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, chief agronomist of the Botanical Garden at the Institute. Sechenova

Olga and Pavel Syutkiny

Culinary experts, historians, authors of books on culinary topics

Vera Frolova

Dean of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture of Moscow State Forest University

Andrey Sharonov

Moscow Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy


July 11th

The first day of the conference is dedicated to the culture of food, its value in modern society, self-identification through food, as well as the politics of city authorities. On the same day at Strelka from 14:00 to midnight - or until the food runs out - temporary street cafes of the Local Food project and Estrorama design studio will work.


Workshop "Cereals", registration by reference


Discussion "Food and urban policy"


Discussion "The value and culture of food"


Screening of the film "Soul Kitchen"

July, 12

The theme of the second day is the models and the role of urban markets in the modern metropolis, food as an important component of the city’s brand.


Workshop "City Harvest", registration by reference


Discussion "Markets and the space of urban food"


Discussion "The image of the city and food"


Summing up the conference

List of participantsCity Food Marketat the conference


Chicken Durum

Curry Me!


The hummus

Falafel with hummus
in drink

"We eat while standing: shavarma"




"Ivan Noodles"


with deer "


Salad Bar "White Cottage"


Crabs are Coming ...

Rolls and salads


Hot dogs




Milk and fruit shakes

Cooperative "Black"


Ice box

Ice cream


Ice cream

"Dasha's pies"


Photos:,,, Andrey Baburov, Mark Boyarsky

Watch the video: How To Prepare For A Business Conference - The Ultimate Guide. RMRS (February 2020).

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