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What do ice cream sellers live on

Life around continues to tell how people of different professions build their budget. In the new issue, an ice cream seller. There are more than 500 ice cream stalls in Moscow and the Moscow Region, not counting the mobile carts that appear on the streets and in parks only in the summer. The largest networks are Iceberry and Cow from Korenovka. As a rule, advertisements for recruiting sellers are placed on the kiosks themselves. Mostly retirees go to this work, and for them this way of finding a job is more convenient than job sites. In summer, the seller’s earnings depend on revenue, and in winter, employees receive a fixed salary. We learned from a woman who works in a kiosk near one of Moscow parks about what she spends her salary on, who buys ice cream most often and how the trade goes in the cold season.


Ice Cream Kiosk Seller


15 000-25 000 rubles


3 000-4 000 rubles


3 000-5 000 rubles


3 000-4 000 rubles

Small household expenses

500 rubles


1,000 rubles


5,000-10,000 rubles

Help for relatives

From metallurgists to sellers

Before I entered the trade, I was a metallurgist, I worked all my life at the plant in Kursk, where there is a magnetic anomaly. And in 2011 she retired, she is ahead of schedule at metallurgists. In Kursk, I only have a sister and nephews, the children parted, and my daughter called me to move to her in Moscow.

I always thought that to live with the young is not to respect yourself. Children should have their own personal lives. But it was necessary to help the granddaughter to collect the school, and in August I arrived in Moscow. Not even a month had passed since I lived here, my daughter went to the “Flowers” ​​tent by September 1 and saw an advertisement on the recruitment of ice cream sellers at a nearby kiosk. She invited me to go, at first I thought: "How am I going to engage in trade? It's not mine at all." But I decided that I would try, and if I didn’t like it, I would leave immediately. It turned out there was nothing complicated. So I got involved that for almost seven years I have been selling ice cream.

During this time I have already changed several tents. The first kiosk stood in the same place, but then it was demolished and opened another, closer to the subway, and I went there. Although the place is not bad, there is a park nearby, there are a lot of people, and people buy ice cream well. Then the tents had a different owner, and ice cream was sold by another manufacturer, it was called "Naturalika". Then the company closed, new owners came, and I just switched to work in this network. When the kiosks at the metro began to be demolished, in the same place they again opened the tent, and it turned out that I returned to the same place where I started to work.

Work at the kiosk

At the beginning of work, everyone undergoes training, where they explain how to handle the cash register, with goods, with payment cards. But it’s almost impossible to make a mistake here, since we are scanning all the goods. I always thought well in my mind, so I don’t have problems with change. Even with the device, you definitely need a medical book.

We work week after week, from nine in the morning until nine in the evening. In the morning, opening the tent, it is necessary to wipe the counter and windows from road dust. We monitor cleanliness: we take out the trash, throw out the boxes, sweep the sidewalk near the kiosk. If inside or outside is dirty, it can fly away from the manager. She comes a couple of times a week and checks how we work here.

Orders are also made through the manager. I just look that it sells well, I think that there is little left, and I draw up an application. But in the summer everything is taken apart, and therefore new parties are brought in every day. It is necessary to accept whole boxes on invoices, but just in case, I also recount individually. They can pull it out on the road or not report it, and then they will deduct it from my salary. All questions - to issue a charge, exchange shifts - are also resolved through the manager.

I usually bring food with me from home, take some sandwiches, otherwise there’s nowhere to warm up. There is no kettle either, I drink coffee in cans, which we sell. In winter, sometimes I can take hot tea or coffee with me in a thermos. You can always have an ice cream snack. Since we have a park near here, and it has free toilets, there are no special problems. If necessary, close the tent and go about your business.

Ice cream on recommendation

In all the networks where I worked, I always tried everything I sell, so I already know everything about ice cream. I can advise not only tasty, but also what to take, so as not to be too greasy, for a child or an allergy sufferer. We seem to have one supplier, but sometimes ice cream varies. You look, both of them are 15% fat, but one of them has a creamy taste, while the other has a fresh taste.

My favorite ice cream is on a walnut stick. I’m used to pampering myself every morning and eat one at a time. Once, a father and son came up and asked to recommend something to them, took this ice cream and left. On the other side of the park, we have another such tent, and we are competing with more revenue. I went there to exchange money, and these buyers there are already picking up a whole package of the recommendations recommended by me at home.

A woman recently came and says that my favorite ice cream contains beef fat. It just can't be. We were told at the training how ice cream is made, and then the fat has such a smell that no flavoring will clog. I ask why she got it. Says: the daughter told, she heard on TV. And there are many of them - someone will blur, and they immediately believe.

Decommissioned products

Someone thinks that we do not eat everything that we don’t sell. Before the expiration date, I never have anything stale, and we write off and put off the melted, crushed, broken ice cream. Recently, they returned the horn, whose tip was broken off, this is also considered non-standard in our country, and we can’t sell it. Once a week, a manager comes and looks at what we wrote off, if there is a suspicion that we brought spoiled, then he takes with him. Usually, it is written off that you don’t want to eat it, or that which has already been printed out and even bitten by customers.

Somehow a woman of about 70 approaches and takes a glass. We have new equipment, the temperature in the refrigerator is minus 18. Naturally, the ice cream that we just got from it is straight oak. This woman bites a glass and says: "You will not bite him, change me!" I didn’t change anything for her, returned the money, and took the open ice cream and put it for cancellation. And she liked it, she came up several times and tried to crank it up. I know her and already say right away that I won’t return any money, I don’t have ice cream and the kiosk is completely closed.

Regular customers

Everyone buys ice cream: both young and old, and the children at all constantly resort to it. Such buyers are suitable for six years, I’m sure to wrap them up with a change and check so that they don’t lose it while they go home and give it to their parents. There will be no complaints to me like that. There are regular customers with whom they have long been familiar. A boy of three years walks with his mother, then with his grandmother, enters the tent, asks how I am doing. Grandmother said that she didn’t even want to approach my successor, she didn’t chat with him. Often there is one family with three children. One fall, dad comes with them, it's cold outside, and he takes fruit ice. I ask: "But the children, then do not get sick?" Dad says they are tempered. Indeed, sometimes I look, the two elder seven to eight years old in windbreakers go to the very frosts. The smallest, who is two years old, has also already begun to temper and eat ice cream.

But most buyers are not even children, but men. Especially suitable in the evenings. Everyone thinks that men take beer after work, but no - in fact, ice cream. It happens even that a husband and wife walk past, he begs her to buy ice cream, and she discourages: “Let's go, she’s lying at home in the freezer”. And drags him, so they won’t take anything. Sometimes retirees buy something. In this area, I already know many people, they will not just take ice cream, but also come up to talk - they complain about children, then about prices in stores. It’s not difficult for me to listen to them, but it will become easier for a person to feel better.

In the summer it happens that they buy whole boxes. There is a person in the office and will capture each employee by the horn. In winter, there are fewer people, of course, but trade still does not stop. Even in severe frost, someone will pass by and take something. Basically, these are large packs of ice cream in briquettes, not glasses. We still have water, coffee in banks, chewing gum, chips, frozen fruits, vegetables and berries, so we don’t stop trading in the winter.


The salary at the kiosks is small, so the young people will not go to work here, and for us, pensioners, the increase is not bad. My pension is not Moscow, with all the allowances coming out 13 thousand rubles, so I'm glad about that. In a tent, earnings in the summer depend on how much you sell. We have found in the network that the seller is 13%. If you are not lucky, the rains will charge, there are no people at all, then it turns out 15 thousand in two weeks. Well, in the season, trading is going well, usually it turns out 25 thousand. I somehow reached 30, but this was only a few times. In winter, we are transferred from piecework to a stable salary of 20 thousand.


Now I live with my daughter and granddaughter. The daughter works in a large trading network, so products, household chemicals, even some clothes can be taken there at a discount. So I just gave her my retirement card. I don’t need to buy products, sometimes I only take ice cream or coffee for myself. On the way home, I can go in to buy something for tea or, when I go out with my granddaughter, please her with ice cream. So a month can run 3-4 thousand rubles.

I don’t have to spend money on transport, I live here nearby and come on foot. I put 500 rubles a month on a mobile phone. Sometimes buyers do not go, you can call your daughter to talk, and I do not use the Internet. One often has to buy medicine. I am on insulin, and pressure, it happens, jumps. One thing will end, then another. Sometimes a daughter buys something, but most often I go to a pharmacy myself. I spend about 3-5 thousand rubles.

I am 64 years old. I am already at such an age that I don’t need a lot of clothes. And so I have already accumulated a whole cabinet of things. Sometimes I buy something for myself, shoes are needed convenient for work and for walking with my granddaughter. But a month I spend no more than a thousand on things.

I have three children, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. I try to help my grandchildren and great-granddaughter, constantly buy gifts or give money. Two grandchildren generally live in Bryansk, I send money to them, sometimes I send parcels - clothes, toys, something to school.

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