"I'm back to the old profession"

Most Russians like their work, every second would continue to do it, even if they stopped paying him, according to the data of the May opinion poll of VTsIOM. At the same time, 34% of respondents said that the reason for choosing a profession was circumstances. With the changing situation on the market, demanding specialties also change. We talked with people who, having worked in a different field, returned to the profession that was once acquired at a university.

In IT in 30 years

Julia Lebedeva


I graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic with a degree in applied mathematics, was about to become a programmer, but then the USSR collapsed, there were a lot of specialists in the market, and I could not compete with them in the labor market. Then I started teaching English, then I worked for ten years at the British Council, and then ten more at the Consulate General of Great Britain. It closed in August last year, and I was left without work. It was hard to find such a vacancy, I began to think how to apply my skills.

Having studied the topic and consulted with acquaintances from IT, I realized that I can do testing: the entry threshold is lower there, it is easier to gain skills to find a job. Previously, testers were taken without experience at all, but now the situation is changing. Requirements for applicants for initial positions in testing, as far as I can tell, are increasing. In addition, the IT sector has become popular, many people want to become programmers without any education or skills. I understood that in my 53 years I could make just such an impression on HR managers. Last fall, I entered a retraining course at the same polytechnic, specializing in testing. Mostly younger people studied with me, but there were also quite mature students who, for various reasons, decided to change the scope of activity.

It was important for me to explain that this is not a random choice, it just so happened that I had been doing something else for 30 years.

Classes were held three times a week, the material was simple, and programming experience helped me. But much has changed since I graduated, I had to remember a lot of new information. In parallel, I was looking for work through friends. I had a resume on one of the portals, but I did not hope for it: it did not interest anyone, there was only one call from a recruiting agency. As a result, I found a suitable vacancy through friends. At the interview, I described my situation: it was important for me to explain that this was not a random choice, it just so happened that I had been doing something else for 30 years.

Now I want to gain a foothold in the profession, to acquire basic skills. In parallel, I take another online course: this compensates for the shortcomings of the institute's academic programs, where there is little practice. It costs 80 thousand rubles, the same cost was retraining. Then I am going to start mastering automatic testing, which requires knowledge of a programming language.

I have such euphoria now, I think, why didn’t I take this step earlier? In the 90s, I forced myself to forget about the first profession - it is impossible to regret all the time. And although I am very complex due to age, it seems to me that I am moving in the right direction.

From the workshop to SMM

Anastasia Tsaplina

I graduated from the university with a degree in advertising in 2012, but then I had the feeling that this was not mine. Having gone for interviews, I realized that I’m definitely not ready to work in my specialty yet. I tried to go into a more creative direction, because I loved drawing, I went to courses. It turned out to get into the mosaic workshop without an education in profile, where I learned everything in practice. I really liked our team, flexible schedule, creative work gave me the opportunity to engage in self-education - as long as your hands do, you can listen to audio books, lectures.

I myself have changed, ceased to be such an introvert, as before, I wanted more communication, prospects.

But there were many drawbacks (salary, working conditions) that always bothered me. I decided to change my specialty when I realized that I was starting to burn out. It became interesting for me to return to advertising - everything has changed in this area. And I myself have changed, ceased to be such an introvert, as before, I wanted more communication, prospects. I took several online courses on SMM, then offline training in our city and while still studying I found my first job at a Digital agency. By the way, I left an application for participation in the course and changed everything on Monday January 1, 2018.

Return to code

Alexey Petrov

When end-developer of interaction platform WhenSpeak

For my 34 years, I managed to work in various IT fields, and in sales, and even as a simple electrician. Having graduated as a programmer and having already tested myself on this path, I soon left for system administrators. After, having got to business courses, he began to try his hand at sales. At some point, I even moonlighted as an electrician - I decided to see the services industry from the inside. I love everything related to data, analytics, therefore, in other fields, I continued to be interested in analytics tools, automation, sales funnels.

At some point, I even moonlighted as an electrician - I decided to see the services industry from the inside.

From time to time, in my free hours, I still returned to my original profession - either friends asked me to help make a website, or a friend had to fix a lame code. However, after a while I realized that I was drawn back. I did not feel confident enough in any other niche. I lacked stability: I like to control everything and do not like when there are many factors that do not depend on me. That's exactly how it was in sales, but the code is always stable, you own the situation.

After so many years, getting back into the rut of programming was not so difficult: over the years, your skills have become dull and your knowledge is out of date. First, I started freelance, began to return to its former form, practiced a lot and worked 12-14 hours a day, and only then found a decent place. As a result, my path from programmer to programmer took no less than ten and a half years. I can say that knowledge is definitely not superfluous. Moreover, my ability to look at the situation through the eyes of the sales manager, through the eyes of the customer and the consumer, and not just the creator of the product, became my highlight and added a lot of confidence to me.

Lessons after IT

Elena Ivanova

network of language centers "Polyglotics"

I received a linguistic and pedagogical education. But by the will of fate, she left to work in the IT sphere. I can say with confidence that knowledge of a foreign language opens up career opportunities in any field. I successfully made a career, took the position of head of the production development department in a large German IT company, worked in Europe, St. Petersburg. But then she realized that the soul lies in pedagogy and foreign languages. The decision to quit and radically change the scope of activity was not easy, stable, well-paid work against the dream of teaching foreign languages ​​to children.

In addition to material compensation, work should be fun.

But I am convinced that, in addition to material compensation, work should be fun. In 2006, I opened my small business, which has now grown to a network of international language centers with 100 branches. At first it was hard: pedagogy and linguistics did not stand still - I had to study modern trends in education, attend a huge number of seminars to fill in the gaps. Experience in IT was useful to me: all the systems in my business are automated, I personally control the development and optimization of the site, as well as CRM and CSM systems.

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