How do they work at ABBYY

The Moscow company ABBYY, which is known for its Lingvo and FineReader programs, occupies four floors of a business center in Otradnoye. In total, the company has 14 offices in 10 countries, its staff has 1,250 employees, and there are another 900 outsourcers. In the Russian capital there is a technological department that is engaged in the development of new technologies, product departments responsible for the development and promotion of individual programs, regional sales offices "ABBYY Russia" and ABBYY 3A (works in Asia, Africa and Latin America), as well as ABBYY Language Services. Without leaving the office, employees can go to a cafe, gym and see a doctor.


software manufacturing

Established: 1989 year

The number of employees:800 people

Office Area: 7 631 sq. M. m

Work organization

The company is trying to find employees before they get a diploma. ABBYY has two departments at MIPT and one at the Russian State Humanitarian University. In the process of study, students undergo internships and write diplomas on topics of interest to the company. By the end of their studies, many of them are already working at ABBYY. Moreover, companies are engaged in training not only IT-developers, but also computer linguists, rare in the labor market, who, in particular, deal with issues of human-computer interaction.

ABBYY also hires specialists with work experience - almost all professions are hired by people with a good technical education. According to a long tradition, laid down by the founder of the company, David Yan, at the interview they suggest solving logical problems. For example, they suggest choosing switches to three bulbs, provided that you can enter the room with the switches once and the bulbs from it are not visible. Such tasks are solved by both programmers and marketers. The main goal of these tasks is to see how a person approaches problem solving and acts in a difficult situation.

There is no dress code at the company’s office: some come in shorts even in winter or work in slippers. Sales professionals go to meetings in business clothes, but they are not forced to do so.

Most employees have a flexible schedule: if you need to take your child to school, you can come earlier, if you need to see a doctor, later. The company only ensures that the rule of the 40-hour work week is respected and that people do not overwork. If they sit in the office for a long time, it may make sense to hire someone else or redistribute the load.

In the office there is a doctor who can open or close the sick-list, provide first aid or refer to specialists. In the games room you can leave children for a day. This allows especially busy employees to communicate more often with children and saves in the event of, for example, quarantine in kindergarten. The company supports mothers who leave the decree earlier and compensate them for the costs of a nanny until the child is 2.5 years old.


Near the ABBYY office there is a parking for bicycles: many live nearby and choose this type of transport.

There are two types of open spaces in the office itself. Marketers, designers and other specialists who interact a lot with colleagues work in large rooms. In one of them, the walls are covered with cork: it is convenient to attach paper, and if you want to beat your head. Developers and linguists who need privacy sit in compartments. On each - the employee’s seat number, under it he is registered in the internal network. The names of departments are written on the walls to make it easier to navigate.

Last year, the office was rearranged - part of the departments moved to other floors. So that the employees quickly figured out who is sitting where and at the same time chatting with each other, on New Year's Eve in ABBYY they arranged a quest in the style of "Alice in Wonderland". The teams had to follow the rabbit, complete tasks at different points, marking on the iPad.

The corridors of the office are decorated with photographs of the employees they took during their vacation. On each floor there are relaxation areas in a different style: a French coffee house, a Sea lounge with hammocks or an oriental corner with stones and Chinese inscriptions. For relaxation, the office also has aquariums with fish and turtles. The meeting rooms are also decorated in different ways: one of them is in the Mafia style, the other is like a Russian hut, with rugs and wooden benches. On the top floor, next to the directorate, there is a spacious terrace where various holidays are held in the summer.

Office food

In addition to the usual dining room, employees can dine at the cafe Artemy Lebedev, working on one of the floors of the office.

There are also several vending machines with snacks and coffee points where you can warm up food and drink coffee or tea.

Learning and entertainment

The office has a gym and an aerobics room where yoga and salsa classes are held. The company compensates 50% of the costs of the fitness center and pays for the rental of the hall for volleyball and football. Often, employees remain at work to play the “Mafia” - even the CEO of the company plays it. There is also a theater club.

ABBYY has a corporate university. Knowledgeable employees teach courses in various subjects - for example, time management or marketing. Sometimes the company invites outside lecturers who talk about the art of presentation, the features of working with Ecxel and conduct special courses for developers. There is an opportunity to learn more than six foreign languages.

The company is actively celebrating March 8 and February 23. For example, on a men's holiday, girls dressed as stewardesses and delivered "on-board meals" to their colleagues. In response, the men on March 8 brought them from the subway in carriages. And another time, they rented a hangar on the territory of the business center and fought there for the attention of each lady in order to lure her to the side of "gentlemen" or "bad guys" in jackets. After that, the girls were led to a particular bar and were treated to cocktails.

In the warm season, "Summer with ABBYY" takes place here, within the framework of which, for example, ABBYY Road is held - this is a collective trip out of town by car. And on New Year's Eve a special holiday is held for the children of employees: they come to the office, they are given special badges and they "work" with their parents, participating in New Year's contests.

Photo: Ivan Anisimov

Watch the video: Invoice Processing - How It Works - ABBYY (January 2020).

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