Film Festival "Message to Man", Kandinsky at the Russian Museum and the concert "SBPCH"

Retrospective Francois Truffaut

The cinema "Aurora" and the company "Inoekino", specializing in arthouse, continue the program of showing classics on the big screen. This time it will be a mini-retrospective of Francois Truffaut - one of the main directors of the French "new wave". On Friday they will show "Jules and Jim" in 1962 with the young Jeanne Moreau, on Saturday - the comedy detective "Shoot at the pianist", filmed from the book "Down There," by David Goodies with Charles Aznavour in the title role.

When: September 22-24

Where: Cinema "Aurora" (Nevsky Prospect, 60)

Cost: 400 rubles


Festival "Art Avenue"

This year, the Art-Prospect Public Art Festival takes place on the territory of the Admiralteysky District. Among the main sites are New Holland, the park of the Yusupov Palace on the Moika River, the State Museum of the History of Religion and the Palace of Culture of Communication Workers. As part of the festival, designer Andrei Lublinsky, for example, will install a dog sculpture on a transformer booth in Fonarny Pereulok, with a mock surveillance camera instead of his head, Swiss Jörg Köppl will conduct a series of audio-visual performances with advertising loudspeakers, and artist Alexander Morozov will build his poetic installation in the Akhmatova Museum "Observation tower" and will offer those who wish to participate in their own long-playing project "Registration of the flight of birds."

When: September 22-25

Where: see the addresses of the sites on the site

Cost: is free


"Vasily Kandinsky and Russia"

When: September 22 - November 21

Where: Russian Museum, Benois Building (Griboedov Canal Embankment, 2)

Cost: 450 rubles


An exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of one of the main Russian avant-garde artists, whose works in Russian museums are very few. In the Benoit building, it seems, they have gathered almost everything that is possible: early painting and graphics, designer porcelain, the work of the Blue Horseman community, Izdebsky Salon, and even northern icons and samples of Russian folk art, in which experts tend to see the source of creative search artist.

Paul Brother "And the Word became flesh"

The artist Pavel Brat became famous three years ago with the project “Body Mass”, for which he was nominated for the Kuryokhin Prize. At that exhibition, he showed icon objects made from sheets of glossy fashion magazines. It turned out so subtle and spectacular that even Orthodox activists seem to prefer not to notice anything. Now Brother is making a new series, in which he goes even further: from thin sheets of paper he creates a semblance of a sculpture imitating wildlife, as if covered with moss driftwood, punched with rusty nails and fastened with bright red book covers.

When: September 23 - October 22

Where: gallery Anna Nova

Cost: is free


French New Wave Festival

Mini-festival organized by the Semenovskaya library. During the week, a series of lectures will be held here, for example, on French literature of the New Wave period and world fashion of the 50-60s, as well as concerts and film screenings. On Saturday, they will show Alaina Renee's film "Hiroshima, My Love" and Claude Chabrol's tape "Handsome Serge".

When: September 23-30

Where: Semenovskaya library (Moscow avenue, 50/42)

Cost: is free


Concert of Leonid Fedorov

Recital acoustic concert of the leader of the "Auktsion" group. The program promised both hits of the group and new songs, in particular from the album "In the Sun", released this spring, as well as compositions that Fedorov performs exclusively alone.

When: 23 September

Where: The Place (Marshal Govorov St., 47)

Cost: 1,000 rubles


Concert of the group "SBPCH"

A concert presentation of the new album of one of the main St. Petersburg electronic groups. Over the nearly ten-year history of the “SBPCH” has repeatedly changed, stepping back from the declared initial IDM orientation, either towards disco or rock. The new album should be considered the most versatile, and the musicians themselves described the disc as follows: "12 tracks for everything and for everyone," and they gave it the name: "We are a huge animal, and we will eat you all!"

When: 23 September

Where: "Cosmonaut" (st. Bronnitskaya, 24)

Cost: 700 rubles


"Message to man"

When: September 23-30

Site addresses and ticket prices check on the festival website


The main St. Petersburg film festival opens on Palace Square on Friday with the premiere of the documentary “Suddenly, O Miracle! Dreams of the New World” by Werner Herzog about the arrangement of the virtual world and its impact on the world with a real and big free concert by DDT, and after that it moves to movie theaters. The program is traditionally complex and diverse, but you can learn about the main shows from our guide.

Dance With the Dead Concert

The concert of the gloomy caliphon band, created by friends Justin Poynterom and Tony Kim, inspired by the horror films of the 80s and playing on antediluvian synthesizers. Dance With the Dead already performed in Russia a year ago, and now present here their new album "The Shape".

When: 23 September

Where: Opera (181 Obvodny Canal Embankment)

Cost: from 1 300 rubles


Manhattan Short Film Festival

Unusual in its structure, the international short film festival. Ten tapes selected by the jury will simultaneously be shown in 250 cities of the world, and each viewer will receive a special voting form in which he can mark his favorite picture and actor. In St. Petersburg, screenings will be held in three cinema "Mirage Cinema".

When: September 23 - October 2

Where: cinema chain "Mirage Cinema"

Cost: 150-370 rubles


Performance "Card File"

The premiere of a joint performance by the AKHE engineering theater and the Polish Cinema theater based on the absurd play by the poet Tadeusz Ruzhevich, published in 1960 and originally telling about the confusion and hopelessness of the post-war period using a tricky conceptual move: the main character breaks his own memories into fragments-cards, and after trying to put together his own story.

When: September 23-24

Where: New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater (49a Reki Fontanka Embankment)

Cost: 700 rubles


Coffee festival

A barista of ten St. Petersburg coffee houses - Doubleby, Impress, Coffee 22, Coffee Owl, "More Coffee!", "Bean and Leaf", City Coffee, Mad Espresso Team, Coffee 3 and 9BAR - will make coffee, arrange tastings and master classes. The latter will talk about how to choose grain and grinding, how to brew alternative methods, how to brew coffee in a cezve and make patterns on a latte. All proceeds will go to the Nochlezhka charity.

When: September 24, 12: 00-20: 00

Where: "Palm" (lane Pirogova, 18)

Cost: from 400 rubles


Pompeya Concert

When: September 24th

Where: New holland

Cost: is free


Closing the Summer in New Holland project in 2013, the Moscow group Pompeya returned to the island three years later to give a big concert in an updated composition and with the participation of saxophonist Egor Shamanin from the Guru Groove Foundation. Especially for the concert Pompeya prepared a special light and video show.

City food festival "Oh, yes! Food!"

The main gastronomic festival in St. Petersburg in a shortened format in the new Okhta Mall shopping center. In addition to points with a variety of food (and the emphasis this time is on gastronomic start-ups such as game delicacies, Korean street food, Bashkir honey and re-invented waffle tubes with condensed milk), there will be an entertainment program that includes a gastronomic quest, a series of round tables and food truck show.

When: September 24-25

Where: "Ohta Mall" (Yakornaya St., 5a)


Rosetta Concert

The concert of the American post-metal band Rosetta, of whose members it is known that they are keenly interested in space, and define the style of their music as "metal for astronauts." Their debut album, released in 2003, consisted of two hourly tracks that were synchronized so that they could be listened to simultaneously. Since then, the group has released four full records. The latter was released a year ago, and its musicians already represented in Russia in the spring. Now come again.

When: September 24th

Where: Mod (Griboedov Canal Embankment, 7)

Cost: from 1,190 rubles


Street music day

Dozens of street musicians will perform on Karavannaya, Italianskaya, Manezhnaya, Klenovaya, Nevsky Prospect, in the courtyard of the Miracle space and in secret places (they will be reported only to those registered). All performances are free, but listeners can donate money to musicians through Sberbank’s mobile transfer.

When: September 25th

Where: in different places

Cost: is free


Concert "Music for All"

A concert within the framework of a project invented by the Pro Arte Foundation with the aim of involving blind and visually impaired musicians in professional activities. So, at a concert in a chapel as part of an orchestra four musicians with visual impairments will perform. The program includes the play "In C" by American minimalist experimenter Terry Riley and the score "Wallpapers" by Moscow composer Alexei Sysoev, which were specially translated into Braille in musical form for this performance.

When: September 25th

Where: Academic chapel (20 Moika emb.)

Cost: is free


Images: cover - Alexey Kiselev, 1 - Russian Museum, 2 - Mobra Films / Why Not Productions / Les Films du Fleuve, 3 - Mishu Records

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