Artdocfest, Peter Mamonov, a retrospective of David Lynch and another 14 weekend events

Friday,December 11th

"Artdocfest Petersburg"

WHEN:December 8-16

WHERE: Angleterre Cinema Lounge and Ministerstvo

PRICE: 220-440 rubles

The independent Documentary Film Festival "Artdocfest" is held in St. Petersburg for the second time. This year, he will work at two venues: the main screenings will be held in the Angleterre Cinema Lounge, and in the Ministerstvo (Contour Family) space, he will organize screenings and discussions with directors. Winning films will be shown at the close of the festival and the Laurel Branch Award will be presented.

On weekends and next week there will be documentaries about a man named Christ Vissarion, who proclaimed himself the incarnation of Jesus Christ, a Chechen boy who avoids his problems in religious dance, the world domino championship in Abkhazia, who came to the Euromaidan Chechen Ruslan , a Ukrainian artist obsessed with the Chernobyl accident, guest worker Farrukh from New Moscow and others.

St. Petersburg Exhibition of Historical Literature

The exhibition will sell historical and military literature, books on the Navy, on art, art history and regional history. Presentations of books and albums with historical photographs will also be held (the presentation program can be viewed here). For example, they will present an album with photographs of old Sevastopol, an album about the fashion of the Russian Empire of 1855-1894 and a book about the German military elite of 1914-1921. The main theme of the exhibition is declared as "190 years of the Decembrist uprising."

WHEN:December 10-13

WHERE: New exhibition hall of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture

PRICE: is free

Retrospective of David Lynch

A retrospective is arranged by Session magazine and the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg. Five films will be shown in four days: Blue Velvet, Highway to Nowhere, Eraser Head, Twin Peaks: Through the Fire, and Mulholland Drive. The Blue Velvet and Eraserhead shows will feature a Q & A session with cameraman Frederick Elms, who worked on three of Lynch’s films (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart).

WHEN:December 10-13

WHERE: "Aurora"

PRICE: 350-400 rubles


The last solo concert of Aquarium in St. Petersburg was eight months ago (after that it was a joint concert with DDT). “The songs of the group brought up more than one generation: deep, filled with a complex plexus of meanings, they call to stop, to get that very fresh air into the lungs and even for a second - on the exhale - to remember the main thing."



PRICE: 2,200 rubles

Swiss Film Week

For the second year in a row, the Swiss Cinema Week has been organized by the Cinemafia website and the Consulate General of Switzerland. Five new films by Swiss directors will be shown this year: road movie about the director in the mid-life crisis “Winter Guest” by Andy Herzog and Matthias Gunther, the drama “Innocence on the Net” by Niklaus Hilber about how social networks influence teenage communication, hard teenage the drama “War” by Simon Jacques about the labor camp and “Other Skin” by Claudia Lorenz, a story about a family in which a wife after 18 years of marriage discovers that her husband likes men. At the shows of "Winter Soldier" and "Innocence on the Net" will arrange meetings with the directors.

WHEN:December 10-14

WHERE: "Giant Park"

PRICE: is free

DJ Oguretz

DJ Oguretz is an ironic project by the director of Reutov TV, Sergey Mezentsev, about dance music of the 1990s and rave, which, in addition, you can listen to. In St. Petersburg, he will present a new track called Techno Cobra, and is also going to play Soviet automatic machines and distribute cassettes.


WHERE: Museum of Soviet slot machines

PRICE: 700 rubles

Saturday,12 December

Peter Mamonov and the group "Brand New Sounds Mu"


WHERE: DK "Lensoveta"

PRICE: 1,100 rubles

Mamonov will play a concert based on "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" by Nikolai Nosov with a new team of young musicians, which he assembled last summer. He decided to use the text of the tale when he sorted through a collection of Soviet vinyl and found that it was relevant for modern times. "Dunno, he was a very creative guy. He started to play, he plays well - not like that, poetry - not like that, painted everyone - not like that. Here are our young people who don’t believe us all, who run around the corners in their hoods, this is for them," - said the musician to the channel "Culture".

Festival "Nowburg"

At the festival, artists and activists will give lectures on modern Petersburg. Firstly, Alina Zorya, an employee of the Russian Museum, Street Art Museum and author of the Know Know QR guide, will talk about the “charm of sleeping areas”, and artist Denis Tof will talk about the texture of Petersburg and the border between art and vandalism. Secondly, the local historian and journalist Alexei Erofeev will read about how the city reacts to renaming, about the choice of new toponyms and local slang. Thirdly, the writer Olga Lucas will read her favorite parts from the book "A curb from a curb stone." Together with her will be "the kindest conductor" Viktor Lukyanov. There will also be a fair and watch marathon on urban projects, the best institutions and bar culture. The full program can be viewed here.

WHEN: 12:00

WHERE: Tsiferburg (Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 9)

PRICE: 300 rubles


A unique group of three Finnish cellists and one drummer who play symphonic metal without guitars. This time they will come to show the new Shadowmaker album. It differs from all previous works of the group, because for its recording the group took a permanent vocalist (before, she recorded duets only with vocalists from other groups).



PRICE: 1 800 rubles

Festival "Garden of Miracles"

Over the weekend, excursions to the tropical greenhouses in the Botanical Garden will take place in walking mode (visitors will probably not be driven up). In the greenhouses will install installations of authorship "Decor Bureau" Drozd & Toad ", as well as arrange places for photographing (it is not specified exactly how they will look). The excursions themselves will talk about the "New Year's plants of the world." After the excursions, you can go to master classes for children (more about them can be found on the link).

WHEN:December 12-13, 12: 00-18: 00

WHERE: Peter the Great Botanical Garden

PRICE: 200-350 rubles

Festival of urban art

Festival about urbanism, urban projects and street art with the main program of lectures by activists and artists. This weekend, they will hold two events: on December 12, Alina Zorya, an employee of the Street Art Museum and author of the Know QR guide, will give a lecture on street art, graffiti and public art, and on December 13, artist Vladimir Abikh will talk about the Yekaterinburg group Evil and street art from Yekaterinburg. Later, lectures will be given by artists Stas Bugs, Pasha Mo, Rush, Denis Tof, Anton "Make" Polish, Misha Wert159 Uteev, Nikolay Super, Sasha Trun and landscape designer Anna Kozlinskaya. On December 19, an exhibition-workshop of urban artists will open in Zieberburg.

WHEN:December 12 - January 31

WHERE: "Zieberburg", the open living room of the Lermontov Library, "Ziebrlat"

PRICE: is free

"Both two"

One of the three Christmas concerts of the group under the general name "Whim." They promise a show that will be played "just a few times in a lifetime", with a white piano, violins and decorations.


WHERE: Erarta

PRICE: 900 rubles

Fair ArtFlection

They will sell jewelry, ceramics, dishes, Christmas decorations, soap, honey, curly candles, hats, barbs, flutes and much more. Five master classes will also be held, more about which can be found here.

WHEN:December 12-13

WHERE: Weavers

PRICE: is free

Sunday,December 13th

The tiger lillies


WHERE: "Cosmonaut"

PRICE: 1 400 rubles

The Tiger Lillies are probably very fond of in Russia, as they come here almost every year. Their concerts combine musical performance and theatrical performance, so each time it should be interesting. "The combination of comedic and tragic, tastefully seasoned with a fair amount of black humor and richly flavored with elements of neonoire and Brecht cabaret - these are, in a nutshell, what constitutes the work of the cult English theater and music collective."

Opening of the Laboratory of New Media

In February next year, at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, the "Laboratory of New Media" will open, in which media artists will be able to work with "modern technologies in the theater and outside the theater, in related genres." At the presentation, they will talk about technologies in the performances of Telluria, Neurointegrum, Exhibit / Awakening /, the interaction of directors, media artists, composers and programmers, as well as introduce them to the curators of the laboratory. The event will have the opportunity to work with the neural interface and Oculus Rift.


WHERE:Alexandria Theater New Stage Media Center

PRICE: free by appointment

Lecture Performance at Uppsala Circus

A witty format is a performance lecture: the outstanding literary critic Boris Averin and the favorite actor Sokurov Leonid Mozgovoy will talk about the circus for a Russian writer. "This one and only event will be accompanied by the improvisations of the composer Mitya Maksimachev and the shadow theater Anastasia Butineva. The proceeds from the tickets will be used to enable children from social risk groups to continue their daily classes at Uppsala Circus."


WHERE: Uppsala Circus, 44 Sverdlovskaya Embankment

PRICE: 700 rubles

Fantasy Festival Mirkwood

The festival will host a fair of "fantasy" goods, where you can find unusual things and gifts for geek friends. At past events, Mirkwood sold leather accessories, masks, jewelry, designer perfumes, magic wands, notebooks, and other items across popular fantasy universes. There will also be a board games area, a cosplay contest, master classes and a folk concert.



PRICE: 350 rubles per day, 2 rubles / minute

photos:1 - Artdocfest, 2 - frame from the movie "Twin Peaks: Through the Fire", 3 - Peter Mamonov, 4 - Apocalyptica, 5 - Festival of Urban Art, 6 - The Tiger Lillies

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