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22 winter concerts in Moscow

Life around traditionally begins to plan for the coming season. Ahead - lists of fresh and returning to us in the winter series, new movie distribution, albums, books and exhibitions. But first of all we talk about the most important concerts and festivals of the next three months.


Nikita Velichko

Pet shop boys

When: December 8th

Where: VTB Arena Park

Cost: from 4 000 rubles

The great British pop group comes in support of the 13th album released this year, "Super", one of the strongest in the discography. Judging by the video from "The Super Tour", there will be, like at every Pet Shop Boys concert, joy not only for the ears and legs, but also for the eyes.


British punks, whose sound has not changed much since the late 70s, did not lose any agility or grip at concerts. The set list contains more than 20 songs, including all the hits from "Fast Cars" to "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone)".

When: December 1st

Where: Stereo hall

Cost: from 1 700 rubles

Hauschka and Cyril Richter

The Sound Up series of events brings together composers who compose music on the border between academic and popular. At the eighth Sound Up concert, German Volker Bertelmann, better known as Hauschka, as well as Kirill Richter, playing songs from his upcoming album "Chronos", will perform on the prepared piano.

When: December 1st

Where: Column Hall of the House of Unions

Cost: from 2 000 rubles

Rodnya Meets Winter

The traditional Rodnya Club Season Opening Festival begins on Friday night and ends on Sunday afternoon. More than 20 musicians will perform on three stages: a full line-up has not yet been announced, but it is already known that among others there will be techno masters Mike Shannon and Nikita Zabelin.

When: December 2-4

Where: Rodnya

Cost: 1,000 in one day, 1,500 for the whole weekend


A rapper born in Kazakhstan from the Gazgolder label last week tweeted: "Everything that you just thought up and believe in, complete nonsense, there will be no surprises." It is unclear whether this refers to his second album, Hotel Everest, whose release date has been postponed several times, but it is known that half of the tracks on Jillzay's album, which was released last month, were recorded with the direct participation of Scryptonite. And yet, tickets to the dance floor for his recital are about to end.

When: December 3rd

Where: Yotaspace

Cost: from 3 000 rubles

Human tetris

A good Moscow band playing melodic and laconic postpunk, after several years of break, releases a new album, "River Pt.1". Other details, including the “updated line-up,” are not reported - there is only the song “Last Forever”, which sounds no worse than the previous ones. Opening act - Magnetic Poetry with DJ set.

When: December 3rd

Where: Ypsilon

Cost: from 400 rubles


A week after the performance in the Ice Palace of St. Petersburg, a group of Sergei Shnurov leaves for the long-conquered Moscow - in another Ice Palace. The Dictionary of Russian Argo contains the following example for the interpretation of the word "classic": "Mushrooms for vodka are a classic." Any part of this proposal can describe the concerts of "Leningrad".

When: December 3rd

Where: "VTB Ice Palace"

Cost: from 2 500 rubles

Dawn of midi

This summer, Dawn of Midi warmed up Radiohead, and in New York's Madison Square Garden. The Brooklyn Trio - piano (Amino Belyamani), double bass (Aakash Israni) and percussion (Kasim Nakvi) - composes accurate, sharp and minimalistic music, which is most often described as deconstructed jazz, or they have come up with a definition - acoustic techno.

When: December 6

Where: "Mars"

Cost: from 800 rubles


The Ukrainian hip-hop group that blew up dance floors and VKontakte in 2016 (the number of reposts of the debut album "Mushrooms" "The House on Wheels" at the time of writing this text is approaching 32 thousand) will give the first Moscow concert. A full house is guaranteed - there will not be enough tickets for all.

When: 9th December

Where: Bud arena

Cost: from 1,200 rubles

Three Years of Dewar's Powerhouse: Youandewan and Yarah Bravo

The Moscow club brings for the birthday of two residents of Berlin - a diphouse producer and an R'n'B performer. Youandewan and Yara Bravo are united by little more than relaxation and vastness inherent in their music.

When: 9th December

Where: Dewar's powerhouse

Cost: will be known later


Japanese experimenters who have been recording albums in the genres from j-pop to slug metal for more than 20 years and among other things voiced Jim Jarmusch's “Boundaries of Control” celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of their most successful Pink albums. They will play it all in Moscow, and the next day in St. Petersburg.

When: 9th December

Where: "Theater"

Cost: from 1 800 rubles


The abbreviation GFOTY stands for Girlfriend of the Year, that is, “Girl of the Year” - such an indiscreet pseudonym was taken by a London resident Polly-Louise Salmon, on Twitter calling herself “Your wet nightmare”. GFOTY is a typical representative of the acclaimed two years ago PC Music label. In the spring, she released the VIPOTY mini-album with the same hyperactive experimental pop music that PC Music used to be famous for; "VIPOTY" is distributed along with a short film in which GFOTY and a loser named Polly (alter ego GFOTY, or vice versa) fight for the fictional best guy in the world - Chad.

When: December 10th

Where: Dewar's powerhouse

Cost: will be known later


Laura Pergolizzi, better known as LP, has long had no need to represent as the author of several tracks for Cher, Rihanna and Backstreet Boys: the songs she performs are incredibly successful. Tickets for the concert flew away instantly; he will be held, by the way, the day after the official release of the album "Lost on You", named after the song, which collected more than 40 million views on YouTube.

When: December 10th

Where: "Garage"

Cost: all tickets sold out


Marcus Popp, aka Oval, is a German electronic engineer who became famous in the 90s thanks to a variety of genre experiments. His recently released album "Popp" is probably one of the most accessible in the discography: on it, Oval, in its classic glitch style, reinterprets the club aesthetics of the 90s. Actually, with the presentation of "Popp" he will arrive in Moscow.

When: December 16th

Where: "Mars"

Cost:will be known later

Festival "Electromechanics XXI"

A good reason to go to Petersburg for the weekend is a few interesting performances at the Electromechanics XXI festival. With audiovisual shows, the abnormal Lakker techno duo and Swedish experimenter Peder Mannerfelt covering their faces with a spaghetti mask will come. With concerts - Londoner Oliver Ho, recording the industrial as Broken English Club, who recently visited Rabitsa, and many others.

When: December 17-18

Where: "A2" (Saint Petersburg)

Cost: from 1,000 rubles


Kiev pop singer Kristina Bardash reinforces her recent success at Izvestia Hall with a recital in the more chamberly 16 Tons. For all who did not have time or want to repeat.

When: 21 December

Where: "16 Tons"

Cost: 1 800 rubles

Noize mc

When: January 2

Where: Red

Cost: from 1,400 rubles

The first new year concert of the Russian rap superstar Ivan Alekseev, aka Noize MC. The announcement is quite frightening: they promise "an atmosphere of universal good and relaxation", a "team of snow maidens" and Noize MC himself as Santa Claus.

The exploded

A full recording of the Moscow concert of the hardcore punk band The Exploited, held in February this year, was posted on YouTube - on it you can roughly get an idea of ​​what will happen in February 2017. With a slight correction - the upcoming arrival is timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of The Exploited's latest album "Fuck the System": apparently, more songs will be sounded from it this time.

When: February 17

Where: Yotaspace

Cost: 1 800 rubles


Heroes of the 90s, pop writers led by Viktor Rybin will celebrate their 30th anniversary with 30 best songs for two consecutive days. From the "Land of Limonia" through the "Communal apartment" and "Borka-womanizer" to the "Yakut bananas" six years ago - there will be everything.

When: February 18 and 19

Where: Yotaspace

Cost: from 300 rubles

The cinematic orchestra

A recent novelty from the British band The Cinematic Orchestra, "To Believe", sounds as gentle and mournful at the same time as their most famous song, "To Build a Home", released nine years ago on Ninja Tune. Live The Cinematic Orchestra today - this, in fact, is the orchestra: with strings, synthesizers and vocalists, not only lingering melancholic songs, but also nu-jazz compositions.

When: February 22

Where: Yotaspace

Cost: from 1 800 rubles

Festival "Geometry of the Present"

When: February 20-27

Where: former hydroelectric power station-2

Cost: will be announced later

Fantastic, unprecedented in scale for Moscow event for everyone who is interested in experimental and progressive music. The half-list of speakers is worthy of special mention. So far, there are no tickets or other details - there is only a site with a lineup, the word of curator Mark Fell and a description of the project, which includes a “series of installations and performances that rethink the architectural space of a century-old structure”.

Apollo Brown

The Detroit hip-hop producer arrives in Moscow on a biennial schedule. There are still few details about the concert, but, most likely, Brown will be alone, without the New York MC Skyzoo, with whom he marked a joint album this year.

When: February 23

Where: Dewar's powerhouse

Cost: will be announced later

Watch the video: Insomnium - Live in Moscow Entire concert (January 2020).

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