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Once you have decided that you need an online store (see the previous article), it's time to understand how we will create it.

There are two possible options.

First: you have enough budget and you need the best. For the best and not too difficult for the online store will be enough $ 10,000-20,000.

Second: you have little money, or you generally start without a budget.

How to act in each case?

Budget option

Remember one thing: in 95% of cases it doesn’t matter which company of developers you choose to create an online store. All the same, the work will not be completed on time, and the project that you will receive at the exit will differ (strongly or not - depends on your persistence) from what you ordered. Over my entire 10-year experience of creating online stores, there has not been a single case when a project was delivered to us on time and at an agreed quality. The experience of my friends confirms the trend.

And here it’s scary not even that you paid the money, but they are dead weight. More terrible is the other: you prepared your online store for launch (you bought goods, hired people, organized a call center and a delivery service, signed contracts with advertising agencies). But there is no site. An even more “pleasant” situation is when you have a seasonal business, and being late for three weeks can reduce annual profits by half.

In addition, often such delays greatly reduce the enthusiasm of those people who give money for the project. Therefore, it may happen that when you finish the online store, it will not receive further development - I have seen such cases.

It turns out a funny situation: you have money, you paid it, but did not receive the product. Web development is perhaps one of those industries where this is most common.

What to do in this situation?

Work with a consultant. He will tell the right people who have been verified, will allow you to save the budget, and tell you how to do everything the first time.

Initially, when creating an online store, expect that the budget will be exceeded by 1.5 times, and the terms will be increased by 1.5-2 times.

If you have thought up the concept of an online store and clearly know how to attract your customers (we will discuss more options for concepts in two weeks), then you can simultaneously create your own full-fledged online store and use the tips for those who create an online store without a budget (see . tips below). This will allow you to quickly create a backup online store that you will test and spin up all the time while highbrow specialists create your future car, your powerful supercar for making money.

"No budget" option

This applies to all situations when you have less than $ 10,000 to create an online store. If so, do not spend this money on it - just save it.

What to do? Do not create a store at all? No, create. There are two easy solutions for you.

The first is to rent an online store. There are a lot of services for this (my favorites are and Their essence is that for 500 rubles a month (sic!) You get a ready-made working online store. Just fill it with goods - and you can start work. Launch time is two to three days.

The only negative of these services is the design (and even then not always). But practice shows that content is more important than design. It’s better to make an online store with a great offer for a client, if not ideally beautiful, but to try to get beauty and make the 101st clone of other stores in the hope of making money on low prices or casual customers.

Secondmake a website on any free engine (my favorite is, an extremely functional and simple thing that is understandable to any non-programmer who at least knows how to work in Word). And then add the catalog and the basket there through the excellent Ecwid service (to understand it, it will take no more than 15 minutes).

I repeat that the same recipes will be useful to all those who want to make an online store in a cool studio. First, run the budget option and start selling and marketing. And let the studio make a full-fledged online store - delays you will not be afraid.

Watch the video: Schumann. Symphonic etudes . Yury Cherednichenko (January 2020).

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