How to keep styling in winter: 4 tips and 16 products

With the advent of cold weather, keeping styling becomes more and more difficult. Due to the strong wind, instantly melting snow, bulky hoods, hats and scarves, the hair is tangled and electrified. We tell you how to properly care for your hair in the cold and what means to use to avoid fluffiness, brittleness and confusion.

Choose combs with natural bristles and wooden scallops

In winter, it is important not only to abandon hats with a synthetic composition, but also to pay attention to hair care accessories made of natural materials. Feel free to replace plastic combs with wooden ones, preferably with natural bristles. They "discharge" the hair, that is, remove static electricity. Another plus of such combs is that they prevent the appearance of split ends.

Tamara Berechikidze

Trichologist, dermatovenerologist

In winter, hair becomes duller, thinner and loses its volume, because we constantly encounter temperature changes - for example, when we go out of the cold in warm rooms. In addition, during this period the air at home or in the office is very dry due to central heating.

Styling problems also arise due to improperly selected hats: things with synthetic fibers significantly enhance the electrification of hair. In addition, the caps accelerate the production of sebum, so styling does not hold and lose volume.

Natural bristle brush


3 510 rubles

Spa brush

Balmain paris hair couture

9 200 rubles

Hair brush with natural bristles

Acca kappa

2 190 rubles

Mini comb to create a basal volume

Camryn's BFF Gentle Edges Brush

9 euro

Make more and keep nourishing masks on your hair longer

One of the reasons for unruly hair in winter is overdried and uneven structure. To prevent the electrification of hair in the cold season, you need to thoroughly moisturize them. In winter, it is better to use products based on keratin and silk hydrolyzate. It is also worth doubling the time for applying nourishing masks: leave them on your hair for at least 15-20 minutes and, if possible, wrap your head with a warm towel.

Keratin Healing Mask

DSD de Lux

3 661 rubles

Firming anti-age mask

Kevin murphy

3 870 rubles

Nourishing Healing Mask


3 020 rubles

Olive Oil Hair Mask


2 580 rubles

Add oils to masks, balms and indelible care

It is believed that oils dry hair. This is true, but only if you use them as a single product, that is, apply in pure form. If you add oil to the mask or indelible care, the effect of the nutrient will be more pronounced: the hair will become smoother, softer and moisturized.

At home, you can also make an antistatic of oils. Add a couple drops of oil (you can even burdock) to the balm and apply it to your newly washed hair. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse your hair with shampoo, and then apply balm again, but without oil.

Avocado oil

Ligne St. Barth

4 250 rubles (125 ml)

Restorative Hair Oil

Leonor greyl

3 439 rubles

Multifunctional Oil Care


3 290 rubles

Honey Hair Oil


5 817 rubles

Choose your hair type and use antistatic agents

For installation in the winter season, it is not enough to use only thermal protective agents. To make your hair look neat, remain shiny and smooth, it is worth adding anti-frizz creams, lotions and sprays to standard care. They will also protect against high temperatures and will allow you to keep moisture in your hair, which will ensure a perfect look all day long.

Evgeny Menshaev

hair stylist Keep Looking

If the hair is naturally smooth and straight, then it needs to be made a little more porous, thereby increasing its tenacity - to give styling volume and texture. Special styling products with medium fixation will help. If straight and smooth hair is simply pulled by brushing, then the styling will not look so neat, and due to increased humidity it will lose volume faster.

Dry oil spray for control and smoothness


3 010 rubles

Smoothing polishing cream


3 330 rubles

Antistatic for hair


2 650 rubles

A set of shampoo and conditioner

Grown alchemist

2 350 rubles

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