Billing: Bookstore prices

Life around begins a series of materials in which it will compare prices in Moscow stores. Every week we select five identical products and find out how much they cost in stores of different networks. In the first issue - 5 books from the bookstores Respublika, Phalanster, Moscow Book House, Moscow, Biblio-Globus and Dodo.

Selected Books:Haruki Murakami "1Q84" in 2 volumesZakhar Prilepin "The Black Monkey"Stephen Levitt "Superfriconomics"Kate DiCamillo "Soaring Tiger"Alexey Zimin "Supermarket Kitchen"
* The order of the stores - from the most expensive to the cheapest.


The coefficient of profitability - 1

The flagship of the largest book network in the city, which is still owned by the state - it also includes the House of Medical, Pedagogical, Foreign Books and other specialized stores. There are two floors on the Arbat: pens, notebooks and other writing materials are sold at the bottom, almost any textbooks and manuals for the school and institute can be found at the top.

670 p.
355 p.
750 p.
275 p.
915 p.

Address: st. Novy Arbat, 8Phone: +7 (495)


The coefficient of high cost - 0,9

The bookstore in Lubyanka is like a network of labyrinths: many rooms are connected by narrow passages. A large selection of textbooks, as well as literature in foreign languages. Downstairs they sell music CDs and films, and there are meetings with authors, translators and publishers. At the exit there is a salon "Antiques, Collector, Gifts" - used book rarities are not found here, but you can buy souvenirs and gift editions.

599 p.
349 rubles.
729 p.
309 p.
919 p.

Address: st. Myasnitskaya, 6/3, p. 1


The coefficient of high cost - 0,9

Respublika now has 10 stores throughout the city, but the richest assortment is presented at Mayakovskaya. Everything is sold here, from foreign magazines and postcards to unusual erasers, stickers, notebooks and pencils. There is a department of children's literature, vinyl, many albums on art and photography, as well as guides and designer toys. A cafe is open on the second floor, the store itself is open around the clock.

600 p.
340 p.
690 p.
290 p.
910 p.

Address: st. 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya 10Phone: +7 (499)

4. "DODO"

The coefficient of high cost - 0,8

This is not just a bookstore, but rather an interest club for literature lovers. The Dodo hosts meetings with writers and publishers, lectures and master classes, film screenings. From time to time, the store becomes a platform for large city markets, exhibitions and book fairs. There is a separate shelf with classical music and movies. It is also here that the city has the largest selection of adventure publications, "Alice in Wonderland."

642 p.
275 p.
853 p.
273 p.

Address: Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 10/7Phone: +7 (495)


The coefficient of high cost - 0,8

The book supermarket on Tverskaya is open daily until one in the morning. On the shelves are magazines, guidebooks, audio books, phrasebooks and collection albums of modern art. On the ground floor there is a large antique and second-hand department. In the main hall, meetings with writers and presentation of new products are regularly held. Any book can be ordered delivered to your home or office.

600 p.
320 p.
660 p.
270 rubles.
840 p.

Address: st. Tverskaya, 8, p. 1Phone:629-64-83, 797-87-17


The coefficient of profitability - 0,7

A small room in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane is full of books from ceiling to floor. The director of the store, Boris Kupriyanov, is responsible for the selection of literature; some publications are only available in the Falanster. Bestsellers, which are well-known to everyone, are much less common here than in large chain stores, but their prices are much more affordable. The second Phalanster occupies a small room at the Winery.

510 p.
239 p.
570 p.
205 p.
719 p.

Address: Small Gnezdnikovsky per., 12/27Phone:  749-57-21,
Post cover photo: Emily Carlin

Watch the video: Online Bookstore Purchase and Billing module (January 2020).

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