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Where to buy a fur coat from faux fur: 9 options from 4 to 38 thousand rubles

Some spend most of their salaries on expensive bags and shoes, others basically carry a mass market and are not ready to invest impressive funds in their own wardrobe. Obviously, key wardrobe items must be of good quality: such a thing will last more than one season and will not end up in the bin in a couple of weeks. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for high-quality shoes, clothes and accessories among luxury brands. Often the ideal thing in terms of price and quality can be found in the mass market or in the middle price segment.

Every week we talk about one thing in three price categories. In the new issue - a fur coat made of faux fur. Unlike the model made of natural material, this one will not cost as much as five salaries, and in terms of heat it is not much inferior to the options of rabbit and fox.

price quality

Where to buy a men's jacket:9 options

Up to 4,500 rubles

Monki, 3,500 rubles

Solid "mole" Monki fur coat with a wide hood is suitable for those who with the onset of winter does not stop to freeze until May. Due to the free cut under it, you can immediately put on a thick ribbed sweater and a thin down vest. The hood will replace the cap with all those who are afraid to spoil the hair of a tight-fitting beanie, and a good length will allow you to wear a fur coat even with your favorite miniskirt (the main thing to remember about tight tights).

LMB, 4 500 rubles

In addition to its own line and more than a hundred brands that are sold on the Asos website, the online store has an additional Asos Marketplace. Here you can find vintage items, a hand-made item and a couple of dozens of young and little-known brands. The LMB faux fur coat is most reminiscent of a sheepskin coat turned inside out. It costs, in terms of rubles, a little more than four thousand, but it looks no worse than a real sheepskin coat. In addition, almost all the brand’s items are presented in a single copy, so the risk of colliding with a girl in the same coat in the same coat is zero.

Mango, 4 499 rubles

A short fur coat of a sandy shade Mango to wear as casual outerwear most likely will not work. It is best to leave it for going to the theater and to the exhibition or wear it for extra warmth under an oversized down jacket - the benefit of layering is still the main trend of the season.

Up to 8 thousand rubles

Zara, 5 599 rubles

A fluffy option for those who do not plan long walks and prefer a taxi or their own car to all types of transport. The main disadvantage of a snow-white fur coat from Zara (in addition to an extremely easily soiled shade) is its length. Without a voluminous sweater to the middle of the thigh and woolen tights, it’s definitely not worth going out of the house now.

Butter Me Up, 6 800 rubles

The vintage look of the Butter Me Up fur coat is more reminiscent of a straight coat, rather than a familiar swing coat. You can combine this with at least tight pants and a wide-brimmed hat, at least with your favorite mom jeans and sneakers - the main thing is to keep it warm.

Mouth to mouth, 7,200 rubles

The young St. Petersburg brand announced itself in the summer, gathering the largest line of buyers around its stand at the Lambada Market. Now “Mouth to mouth” is trying to match the season and have prepared a winter collection. It contains lilac and pistachio fur coats made of long faux fur and fluffy matching sweaters.

From 18 thousand rubles

Unreal Fur, 18 thousand rubles

The philosophy of the Australian brand Unreal Fur is based on the fact that faux fur does not have to look unnatural and desperately synthetic. Many models of the brand can easily be mistaken for a mink coat or a sheepskin vest. To us, the most attractive seems to be a fluffy fur coat made of candy fur, which does not even pretend to be a rabbit or a fox. Such a warming will be no worse than a down parka, and you can wear it with almost everything.

Whistles, 30 thousand rubles

Whistles cropped lilac coat looks almost like a real mink. You can wear one with a pencil skirt and a snow-white blouse for work or with narrow dark jeans and ankle boots on a massive platform, if you want to dilute a strict dress code. In Moscow, you can find brand clothes in Tsvetnoy.

Shrimps, 38 thousand rubles

The British brand Shrimps specializes in faux-fur wardrobe items - striped scarves, colored fur coats tailored from several rags of fabric, fluffy bags and other moderately kitsch clothes will suit those who are fine with self-irony.

In Moscow, brand goods from this year are sold at Kuznetsky Most 20, but if you want to save some money, order online safely: delivery is unlikely to take more than two weeks.


Unreal fur



Hudson Shopping Center

Kashirskoe sh., 14

Mouth to Mouth

Nasty gal



Tsvetnoy Blvd, 15

8 (495) 737-77-73



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