Apartment of the week (Moscow)



Galina -
civil servant
Sergei - doctor


Galina and Sergey have been living in a three-room apartment in the north-west of Moscow for eleven years, and during this time the room has repeatedly changed its appearance. First, cosmetic repairs were carried out here, then, in 2005, redevelopment. Then all the rooms were still isolated, the bathroom and toilet were not combined, and corridors took part of the area.

In the smoky summer of 2010, the owners, like many, were busy moving the air conditioning from one room to another, somehow even spent the night in the living room - and suddenly came to the conclusion that it was time to replace the furniture. The living room was freed from all the upholstered furniture, and then the next step was overdue - the repair of the room itself. The family turned to their son’s friends, the architects of Archnoga, who first drafted a new living room, and then took up the remaining rooms. The exception was the bathroom, the turn of which will also come sooner or later.


58 sq. m






2.5 m




The owners and architects quickly understood each other, almost all the sketches were agreed on the first try, and their implementation is almost no different from the 3D models developed during the planning. By and large, the owners had one wish: a modern European interior.

Hallway lamp - Philips, mirror and shoe rack - Ikea.

The floor in the living room is made of walnut, this is rustic - a more colorful and textured look of parquet. Patterned wallpaper - Harlequin Makeda.

Hanging cabinets and consoles - Ikea.

Floor lamp, chandelier, coffee table, picture - BoConcept.

Folding table - BoConcept, lamps above the table - Tom Dixon, armchairs - Panton.

Shelves - BoConcept.

The kitchen was ordered at the domestic factory "Maria".

Surprisingly, domestic natural marble turned out to be cheaper and better than porcelain stoneware, so we decided to use it in the decoration of the floor and apron in the kitchen.

On the left is the bedroom, on the right is the study.

The relatively narrow space of the bedroom was able to expand due to the mirror wall. Cupboard - Ikea.

As for the massive Philips fixtures, at first there were doubts, but after the company provided them for fitting, the owners were satisfied. Wallpaper - Cole & Son's Contemporary Restyled.

Bed - Ikea, poster - Paul White.

Hanger and folding pouf - BoConcept.

In the son’s former room, for some time living separately, an office was located.

The idea of ​​wood trim initially seemed controversial, triggering associations with a sauna. Now the owners are happy with this decision, especially Sergey, who was able to place his collection of cars on modular shelves.

Wardrobe, desk - Ikea, chair, chairs - BoConcept. The floor is oak flooring. Wallpaper - Sanderson Paisley Circles.

To finish the balcony ordered special marble slabs - slabs.

Watch the video: Moscow Week 13 - Apartment Tour Finally! (January 2020).

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