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Start a business: Recording Studio

To undertake the creation of their own recording studio is for those who are themselves involved in the music industry and have a certain weight in it. Otherwise, finding customers will not be easy.

It costs several tens of millions of dollars to equip a studio for professional recording of classical music or top pop artists. You can open a studio of an average hand for one or three hardware rooms for several million rubles. It is suitable for working with musical groups, for recording advertisements, congratulations, audio books, etc. Some of the premises can be rented out as a rehearsal base.

An hour of work at such a studio for musicians usually costs from 600 to 1,000 rubles, mixing will cost more, 2,500-5,000 rubles. Recording audiobooks is an even more profitable task: you can get from 8,000 rubles per hour. Additional services like restoration of old records can increase turnover. With a good workload, a recording studio with one equipment room may have revenues of 300,000-500,000 rubles per month.


It is better to place a recording studio in a brick rather than in a reinforced concrete building: a brick better reflects the sound. Avoid houses located near the railway, above metro lines, near fire stations, police stations and cell towers: these objects create noise and interference that can be noticeable on the recording. The studio can be located on any floor of the building, often basements and basements are chosen under the studios so that there are fewer neighbors. You should pay attention to the height of the ceiling: acoustics experts believe that the minimum ceiling height in the studio should be three meters.

Musicians often come to record with their bulky equipment in cars, so it is advisable to have parking near the studio. To work, you will need two adjacent rooms: a control room (equipment room) - here the recording process is monitored by a sound engineer - and a tone room where artists are located. The size of the first room - from 20 m2 up to 50 m2, the size of the room for musicians depends on which groups will become studio clients. It would also be worth making a small rest room. Since the location of the studio is not so important, you can save on rent by renting a room not in the city center. It can cost from 50,000 to 150,000 rubles per month.


Recording studio will require serious repairs. Firstly, due to the many electrical appliances you have to lay reliable wiring. Secondly, it will be necessary to seriously take care of sound insulation so as not to disturb the neighbors and so that the neighbors do not interfere with you. It is believed that the optimal level of sound insulation is 80-90 decibels.

For sound insulation use a cement-bonded particleboard, mineral wool, drywall. At 20 m2 you will need to purchase material for 100,000-150,000 rubles, excluding labor. In the wall separating the control room from the recording room, it will be necessary to cut through the window so that the sound engineer and artists can see each other and exchange remarks.


All changes in the construction of the building, including the creation of a hole in the wall, will have to be approved by the BTI. In fact, to start an activity, only documents on the registration of an enterprise from the tax are needed. The Fire Inspectorate will check the materials used in the decoration for compliance with fire safety standards. The room will need to be treated with an anti-combustible coating.

Other expenses


You will need a good sound engineer who can help with the selection of equipment and will work with musicians. We also need an administrator, recording artists and maintaining order in the studio, and a cleaning lady. Personnel costs may amount to approximately 200,000 rubles per month, most of which will go to the sound engineer.


Directly for recording, you will need: microphones, combo amplifiers, drum kit, racks. In the equipment room there should be monitors, a sound recorder. There is a huge variety of equipment on the market, and prices vary greatly. Experts agree that it is necessary to furnish a new studio in the presence of a sound engineer, while the equipment may be partially used. The minimum set of necessary equipment, partially used, plus furniture will cost 300,000-700,000 rubles.


To promote a recording studio, you should use specialized forums, groups about music on social networks, distribution of flyers after club concerts works well: many visitors and musicians themselves.

Illustrations: Natalya Osipova

We are grateful for the help in preparing the material for Legenda Studio, the Show Master specialized magazine, Sound Consulting, and the Old Age rehearsal base.

Watch the video: Music Business - Recording Studio Business - Q&A Video #4 (February 2020).

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