The dictionary of new Moscow mods is a non edited version, which unfortunately is not much different from edited and my answers to it that I sent to the Big City.

Published as an answer to this post.

For starters, you can familiarize yourself with this material, which was released a couple of months ago.


Pronounced like a padede, only without the first letter "p". The reincarnation of the word "tin" with the same wide range of uses. Traffic jams in the city - add, frost on the street - add, crush on face control - tin and add. The word is not used with a positive meaning: to say by analogy with “sport is tin” (see) that this is add-on is impossible.


Unusual word.

In most cases, a combination of hellish blood pressure is used. It can have both positive and negative colors. For example: "The party was Hell Hell." Which may mean that fans came to the party and fucked everyone, or that the DJ played so that the audience lay on the floor in the morning in their expensive elite clothes and made a bicycle in the air.


People who live, rent an apartment or work in the Central Administrative District of Moscow, or more widely - within the Garden Ring. The warrior of the Central Administrative District is not necessarily a snob. This is such a refined variety of Muscovite who goes to breakfast in Volkonsky, he buys products only in the Alphabet of Taste and distrusts any offers to go beyond his habitat (the space from Sadovoy to the Third Ring is usually called "city"; all that further - already a "village"). Most often, the provincials who achieved relative success in the capital and spend two-thirds of their salary on renting a neat apartment in the center are the champions of the Central Administrative District.


This is a joke in the first place. And in the second, this term most likely refers to the so-called Homeless VIP characters, and the truth is newcomers, but extremely adequate. Here the story is no longer about people, but about the area.

The Central Administrative District is to go into the same alphabet of taste and buy a piece of incredibly expensive cheese for the last 1000 rubles, and then eat at McDonalds for a week.

The Central Administrative District is a showcase of folk subcultural achievements.

The Central Administrative District is snobbery and self-irony.

City is a Moscow city district (metro business center / Krasnopresnenskaya / 1905)

And the village is Barvikha Lakshiri Village. Where do the ISS live (hello to the big

the city).


A young man whose sexuality is based on aggressive behavior and style elements in clothing borrowed from punks from sleeping areas - gopniks. G. lives a completely bourgeois lifestyle - he is interested in British designers who are not known to anyone, he follows the latest DFA music label and reads Vice magazine. At the same time, he is a football fan, a bully, a brawler and a drunkard. From retrosexual - the previous hero in the lineup generated by Mark Simpson's term "metrosexual", G. differs in that he consciously and very meticulously works out his image. Gays often play in G.


There is no gayness in this phenomenon. The elaboration of the image is also not deliberate. It's just that dudes really studied in kind as welders or cooks, but that does not stop them from listening to good music, being smart, and going to good parties.

Write that goposexuals are gay, Den, Stasik, Kuzya and other guys will come to you and explain on the concepts what you are wrong about.

These are not managers, and not creative youth. This is a working class that can now earn on the level of the same managers, and have similar interests as creative youth, but remaining TRUE TO YORSELF.


The scornful name of the middle class, typical consumers of products imposed by glossy magazines. They lead a passive social life - they go to exhibitions and presentations exclusively by invitation, sluggishly react to the keywords and names of modern culture, travel to fashionable tourist destinations. But no charge of Z.Ch. does not carry, but only fills the space. He is faceless, devoid of personality, always mentioned in the plural, and the closest analogy to him can be found in the term of Alexander Solzhenitsyn "intelligentsia."

"Well, all the green tea has gathered there."


These are primarily people with inertial consciousness. It is important. That is, to be honest, this text of yours is full green tea. Among the people related to green tea, the so-called mini-experts thrive - people who read everything on one topic (for example, football fans) on Wikipedia and any conversation that reduces to this topic.

Details can be found here - //


Young people and girls, mainly applicants and students (although they are in tenth graders) who go to Idle Conversation and Thriller parties, dress according to the nu-raver dress code, hang up on and use the vocabulary given here. K. - a proven audience, not like the "fashionable cattle" (see). There is also an advanced version of K. - Tru kittens.


They appeared by chance. This is an appeal to readers from Jeffrey Noone's Wirth. I did not know what to write on the introductory website Luketmi of the second version before its opening and I told Alex to write, "I'll meet you in the morning, kittens." Kittens can be ONLY girls. A typical kitty bow is leggings, expensive shoes and a boyfriend's hoodie. There were even proposals due to the invasion of kittens, renaming Simachev Bar to Kuklachev Bar.

And by the way, there are only three trukotyatki.


The word appeared thanks to the song of the same name by Gosha Rubchinsky and Sasha Frolova (under the rhythmic electronic background, the words “Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!” Are minted in a girlish voice). The same difficult-to-define concept as Russki-bit, just like Russki-bit, is not inclined. We can say that FASHION! is the antonym of the word add! (cm.). Something as vibrant, eye-popping, and fashionable, but with a positive meaning. Correct spelling - only uppercase letters, exclamation point at the end. In the speech, it is recommended to make an intonation accent on M.’s word. Vaska took a black MacBook.


Everything is ok here. Only in the example, the mod is not used exactly.

It should be like this: "One MODA gathered at the party! Grisha recorded MODA! Track. The floor in the toilet at Proteus - MODA!"

see the above link


Russki-bit neophytes (see) are very young girls and boys, without fail, having an iPod, adoring the Respublika store and dressing in TopShop. Mb she certainly doesn’t know what this “Russki-bit” is. Tru kittens (see) do not trust them, despite the fact that they act as role models for them. MB answers them the same.


This is not a negative term, and it has nothing to do with Apple products, Vadim Dymov’s store, and large retail in Europe.

Fashionable redneck SM. goposexuals are new romantics (after all, gopniks cannot be denied romance and chivalry). Fashionable in this context is precisely from the previous paragraph. FASHION is a concentrate of things and phenomena that is properly presented and with an idea.


The literal meaning of the expression is very busy. It is used instead of the standard “busy” user status formulation in ICQ or Google Chat. In fact, it usually means the exact opposite - lounging.

RE: no - because it's an indescribable pun.

nude reich

The word from the manifesto of DJ Dima "Japanese" Ustinov. N.-R. - This is the localization of the name of the musical direction of nu-rave, which now has become almost an abusive name, even to declare his death is indecent. His rapid change of status could be traced to T-shirts sold at TopShop: in the spring there were “Rave & Roll” or just “Nu Rave” inscriptions, in late summer - there were already T-shirts with the inscription “Fuck Nu Rave”. Therefore, his substitute was invented - N.-r.

Thanks for attention!

Watch the video: Thailands slavar piskas blodiga för maten i din butik (February 2020).

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