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Newlyweds in the park "Kolomenskoye"

In Moscow, the height of the wedding season. This summer, according to the city registry office, there are 15% more weddings than last year. As told
Life around in the wedding agency "Knyazev-Wedding", it’s customary to invite 40-60 guests to a Moscow wedding and spend from 500 thousand to three million rubles. This price includes a banquet, an entertainment program with a professional presenter, musicians and artists. Life around correspondent Anna Tovstyga talked to the newlyweds in the Kolomenskoye park and found out how they found their happiness and how they made an offer.

Luba and Denis

24 and 24, dentist and geologist

Lyuba: We met on the Internet, at We talked for a year as friends, then we started dating and for the fourth year together. We ourselves live in Tomsk, and my mother lives in Moscow. And then one day Denis came to Moscow and made me an offer ... in a shopping center. Not at McDuck, of course, but at some similar fast-food restaurant with a cup of coffee. And now we are getting married and returning to Tomsk.

Veronica and Michael

23 and 24, manager and marketer

Michael: We saw each other at work. For three months I looked closely at Veronica and finally decided to get to know each other. And then there was such a case - we kissed in the office by chance. Such an official romance. I made an offer to Veronica at the Holi festival of colors.

Alexander and Anastasia

27 and 27

Sasha: We met on the street, I saw Nastya, I immediately realized that I like her, went up and spoke. We met for a year, and then I decided to make an offer.

Nastya: Yes, Sasha arranged everything very romantically: we rode the ship, and suddenly, completely unexpectedly for me, he knelt and offered to become his wife! Without a moment's thought, I agreed.

Jura and Olya

32 and 29

Yura: We work in the same building, and every day we walked past each other. And only after some time they spoke. It’s not that I decided to get to know each other - the dialogue started by chance.

Olya: And it was not love at first sight! At first we talked, made friends, and only then, after a year, began to meet. Already the fourth year together.

Yura: And with the proposal, everything was unusual. He was absent! We just came to a common decision - to get married, create a family.

Salavat and Catherine

28 and 24, design engineer and economist

Katya: He saw me at the club, then we accidentally met at six in the morning on the subway, and then he found me on VKontakte, not knowing my name!

Salavat: Even without a photo, imagine! Just through a friend of whom I found out that he is studying with Katya.

Katya: We have been dating for two and a half years, and somehow on my birthday, Salavat made me an offer. We assumed that we would live our whole lives together, but still it was sudden for me. I thought he would just make some kind of gift, and he invited me to get married in the Ekaterina restaurant!

Salavat: Kneeling, squealing a "cheers", said: "Marry me, otherwise I will jump out of the window!" - everything is as it should!

Valentin and Natasha

27 and 25, sales representative and manager

Natasha: We met at a disco. He immediately realized that he loved me, and I - only after a year.

Valentine: Yes, I had to get it all year!

Natasha: For seven years we have been together, through a lot. Valentine made the proposal relatively unexpectedly, although I assumed that this would happen in the near future. Once we got into a car, and Valentin asked me to open the glove compartment, I opened it for the first time and didn’t see it, he says: “Get something else”, which I got furious and said: “Can’t you tell me right away , what do you need?" But when I opened the glove compartment a second time, I saw a ring there. Very cute.

Anya and Maxim

25 and 26, history teachers

Anya: We met in the Crimea, on an archaeological expedition.

Maksim: Yes, it so happened that we studied at the same university, at the same faculty, but with a difference of two years.

Anya: We met, but realized that we love each other, only six years later. At first they just started talking. And then they realized that our relationship is already more than friendship. Maxim made an offer to me at school: he came to me on New Year's Eve, that day I had a very long terrible teachers' council, a bad mood, but - I look - Maxim is coming with flowers. And everything was so great! Of course, I agreed to become his wife.

Katerina and Konstantin

25 and 25

Konstantin: We know each other thanks to our witness. It was he who invited us to our birthday, where we met with Katya.

Katerina: Since 2009, we have been dating, then Kostya joined the army for a year, and after he returned, we lived together for two years. And once, on February 14, on Valentine's Day, he made me an offer at the ice rink in Krylatskoye.

Photo: Vanya Gushchin

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