No Smoking: Restaurateurs banning smoking in public places

The bill, promulgated by the Ministry of Health, complies with the requirements of the WHO framework convention on combating smoking, which Russia joined in 2008. If the document is approved by the State Duma and enters into force, the new law on smoking will become the most stringent in the history of Russia. The sale of cigarettes will be limited, but most importantly, tobacco advertising and smoking in public places are completely prohibited. Life around spoke with the owners of cafes, bars and restaurants where smoking is already restricted or completely prohibited.

Non smoking areas

Since 2014, the list of places where smoking will be completely banned will expand significantly. At train stations and airports, existing smoking rooms are eliminated, but even on the street, the smoker will have to move ten meters from the entrance. In 2015, in all catering establishments, not only cigarettes, but also hookahs will be banned. In residential buildings, smoking will be possible only in specially equipped areas - and then with the consent of all residents. According to the bill, smoking will not be allowed even in a personal car.




The excise tax will be 50% of the retail price of cigarettes, which means that the cheapest pack will cost at least 60 rubles, three times more expensive than today.


Since the summer of 2013, tobacco will be available only in stores with an area of ​​at least 50 square meters. meters. Cigarettes will disappear from the windows, and you have to choose them according to a special price list. When buying any tobacco product, you will need to present a passport.


All tobacco advertising will be banned. Cigarette brands will be banned from producing souvenirs - like lighters, toys, t-shirts - and any product promotion. Photos of smoked lungs, ulcers, and other diseases will appear on both sides of the pack. Even scenes in the cinema, on television and in theatrical performances where heroes smoke will be banned. This restriction, however, will not apply to films released before the law enters into force.


Smoking area: smoking is possible only at the barSale of cigarettes: there is. Marlboro - 52 rubles, Parliament - 67 rublesAttitude to the bill: positive

Isaac Correa, owner of Corner Burger: “Initially, we wanted to make Corner Burger completely non-smokers like Upside Down Cake Co. But then we decided that this wasn’t the main thing in the establishment, we are still not in New York, where people are used to it. Many people like, for example, drinking wine and We decided that there shouldn’t be any smoking in the hall itself, but it’s possible near the bar. I still don’t like to sit in smoky rooms (clothes are soaked with smoke) and still try to eat. Still, smoking is one thing , and there’s - quite another. Incompatible concepts.

Regarding the law, I can’t give an exact answer, after all, this is a personal matter for everyone. Prohibiting or allowing smoking depends on the format of the institution, because there are bars where people drink cocktails and smoke, but there are also family restaurants. But it’s better, of course, to make everything non-smokers. It will be more correct. "


Smoking area: only on the street, at the entrance to the bar there is a bench and an urnSale of cigarettes: there is. Sobranie, Luchia, Camel, Mild Seven - all for 70 rublesAttitude to the bill: positive

Andrei Zavadsky, senior communications manager at Strelka: “We didn’t want to decide what was good for them and what was bad for our visitors, so a poll was conducted on the Facebook page of the bar in April. Almost 75% of the voters voted to make the bar non-smoking. It was originally planned that the decision will be valid only in the summertime - again, so as not to impose a certain lifestyle on Friends of Strelka. For smokers, a bench and an urn were placed in the courtyard. Besides, you can smoke on the terrace. We discussed for a long time what to do in the fall and winter, because standing with a cigarette in a 20-degree frost is not very good Hb nice ... And still inclined to think, to make a non-smoking bar on a regular basis. A smoking visitors is likely to build a smoking room.

It seems to me that Moscow is already ready to completely stop smoking in cafes and restaurants. Our attitude to the bill banning smoking? We listen to our visitors, and they, by their decision, to some extent anticipated this bill. " 


Smoking area: notSale of cigarettes: notAttitude to the bill: positive

Pavel Kosterenko, co-owner of Friends Forever: “We don’t smoke in Friends Forever, in the Favorite Pub, we don’t smoke in the new pastry shop, which will open the other day. Smoking is forbidden according to the principle“ food is an odor ”: the smell of food and cigarettes is incompatible. In cafes, bars and restaurants, people should come to enjoy food. This is, firstly, and secondly, all our cafes are family establishments. Not only young couples come to us, but also people with children who have breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are aimed for family people, not for people “to eat.” And although the pub is not exactly a family institution, here we are also forbidden to smoke. Do not like it - goodbye!

We are for the bill. Smoking must be limited. We are asked by visitors whether it is possible to smoke in our cafe, but more and more people wave their hands and say: “Thank God they don’t smoke!” Not a single person to whom I replied that they don’t smoke in my cafe said it was bad . On the contrary, everyone is happy that at least somewhere in Moscow there are establishments where they do not smoke. "

Today in Moscow there are a small number of cafes and restaurants in which smoking is also completely prohibited.
Among them:

  • Restaurant chain Correa's
  • Confectionery Upside Down Cake Company
  • Prime Star Network
  • Cafe-confectionery "Bulka"
  • Cafe Artemy Lebedev
  • Coffee Shops "Volkonsky-Keyser"
  • Starbucks Coffee Chain
  • Vegetarian cafe "Juice"
  • Cafe "People as people" (no smoking until 11 pm)
  • Bar "Squirrel"

Photo: Olya Eichenbaum, Friends Forever

Watch the video: Libertarian Philosophy: Smoking Bans - Banning Freedom - Learn Liberty (January 2020).

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